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My Self-Published Baby: February Rain

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Omg Omg Omg Omg Not the most articulate stream of thoughts but exactly how I’m feeling today, now that I am holding my self-published book,¬†February Rain. It is so surreal to stare at this book, something come to life from the depths of my mind. I am in absolute awe of it, and find it strange to look at something and feel this instant burst of happiness. It’s weird for me since so many things […]

A Saturday Night Ritual-Midnight Pictures

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I’m usually passed out around this time of night but I wanted to fight the urge to turn in. I deserve a break from adulting for a least one silly night a week. I worked on snapping some pictures for my poetry book that I plan on self-publishing. At first I thought of completing some illustrations, but all of my efforts look like a childish, amateurish mess. I would love to collaborate with a real […]

Fighting My Fear of Creativity

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I’ve chosen to take the plunge and self-publish a collection of poems that I’ve been working on. However, I’ve been terrified since I decided to do this. Panic sits in the center of my chest whenever I ponder the thought, and my breaking becomes shallow. I’m fighting with myself hard, because I just want to hide. I never feel like my creativity is worth it, I never believe that anyone would want to read anything […]