Halloween Party 2019–Viking

Halloween Party 2019–Viking

For this year’s soiree, the plan is to continue with the same theme as last year–viking. Viking is a tough theme for me to conceptualize and I tend to decorate in a theme of an old fantasy tavern. Lots of autumn tones and unusual knickknacks. My hope for this year is that I’ll be able to find the time to learn runes so that I’ll be able to do a reading for the guests.

I had bought a set last year, but just never found the time to learn them. It feels like that is common struggle with me–things that I want to learn, but it just seems like I never have the time to learn it. A lack of proper time management is the culprit for sure. Here are a few decorations that I’ve collected/crafted:

Pumpkin a barrel, hoping it comes off fantasy taverny.

Kids these days don’t seem to play with swords, I ended up lucking out finding this sword in the outdoor play aisle of all places. It’s actually bubbles contained within a sword. The hilt twists off the sword to reveal an epic bubble wand.

Autumn corn in a basket. LOL, nothing fancy about this one.

I can’t wait to start decorating ^___^

Skipping the Company Work Party

Skipping the Company Work Party


I just want this weekend to never end. In a weird way, it has stretched past more than normal. It almost seems like it’s been a few more days than two. Yesterday, I was supposed to attend my company work party, but I ended up not feeling up for it.

I don’t mean to be negative but I am really over the encroachment of my personal/professional lives. I do not want to attend anymore work functions outside of fluffing work. The time that I dedicate to my employer is enough and I want my personal time left alone.

Even though I usually feel down when I “miss out” on social gatherings, I really content to not attend. It was nice to just scribble in my journal and figure some things out. Most of the people go anyways because of the lure of money, which means nothing to me because if the statistics of winning goes down every year. Everybody talks about the stupid money, therefore, causing more and more people to go more for a desperate chance rather than enjoyment or letting off steam.

I understand that the company wants to incentivize the party and encourage people to go, but the desperation is obvious and unappealing to me. I would rather see people get together out of mutual affection for one another rather than a selfish reason.

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Halloween Haul: Target

Halloween Haul: Target

Bwhahaha…YES!! I am always so excited to shop for Halloween. This time of year is the only time you’ll see me shop for decorations. I probably own enough black and orange to completely design a house or two…yet I must purchase more *____*…

This year at Target, I finally broke down and allowed myself to indulge in a few items that have been stuck on my wants list for the last few years: lighting. I made sure to pick up a bat projector this year and then I broke down and also bought an orange/purple light projector from Phillips. I can say that I am happy with both–each set of light does add to the magical atmosphere of my place.


All the goodies. Lights, favors, makeup and a movie.


I was quite delighted to find this movie (or I should say movies). I don’t ever recall watching the second Halloweentown and the first brings up such fond memories… ahhh…


LOL, I love how cutesy creepy these bubbles are. More on the sweet side which I am always down for when it comes to Halloween.


I cannot wait to give this nail polish a try: glow in the dark nail polish and glitter makeup from one of my favorite makeup brands.


I broke down and bought these super adorable skeleton string lights. They are colorful and fun–each skeleton fading into a different color of its own choosing.


FINALLY!! What a treat after all of these years of wanting a motion projector…


Such a fun decoration! The moving bats really adds a whimsical touch to our place.