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Made it to Sunday

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WHEW, what a week. It’s been an emotional one for sure, and it has required all of my patience, inner strength, and courage to make it through. I’ve had to deal with a few moody people. Don’t get me wrong, people don’t always have to be happy and perfect. I get it myself–we are all human. I just have a hard time when I didn’t do anything to upset or trouble them, but I am […]

Drinking Away Monday

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Yeah, I’m having a hard case of the “Mondays” tonight. Today wasn’t too bad of day, though I’m a bit envious of my coworkers who have a bit of vacation left. Everyone always seems to harbor way more vacation time then I do–all I can do is let it go and drink about it. Forget them. I never overdo it with alcohol, so me “drinking about it” is a couple of sips before passing out […]