Halloween Tarot for the Week–7 of Ghosts

Halloween Tarot for the Week–7 of Ghosts


For the upcoming week, I drew the 7 of Ghosts. This card parallels the non-Halloween version of this card, the 7 of cups. Picking this card couldn’t have been more timely, as I recently had an epiphany about how out of touch I’ve been with reality. I’ve become more conscious to how negative my thoughts are and how dark my reality can be in comparison to actual life.

This is a card that represents avoiding delusions of grandeur and not be grounded in real life. The 7 of Ghosts also means having a wild imagination and living in a dream world.

Illusions aren’t always fanciful and amazing–I find that they can often be rather terrifying. Fake thoughts can hold such power over of our lives and cause us to procrastinate and stall. It’s important to be able to decipher what is an overactive or healthy imagination.

To be honest, I’m no longer able to tell what is an adequate amount of dreaming and what is self-deception.

My goal for this week is to focus on being grounded in the present moment, and to not procrastinate on any task that I have this week. I think the secret to not having idle dreams is to always be working on bringing them to life. I don’t want to overdo it, but at the same time, I’d rather be overdoing it in reality instead of overdoing with toxic thoughts…


Wanna Hide Tonight

Wanna Hide Tonight

Of course, it’s Sunday evening.

Whenever I look, it always the end of a day.

I only want to stay in my room and hide for the rest of the week. I’m anxious because I have so many changes that I am working on implementing in my life. I get highly annoyed with myself because it’s like I want things to stay the same crappy way that they have always been. I know this isn’t the case, I want change. But when I think about all of the different factors that have to change, I get really nervous.

I can’t seem to control it.

I’m afraid that things are gonna fall apart, that the attempt of change will just be too tough. I worry that I’m going to make things worse than they already are. I’m afraid that I am never going to be able to figure it out, that things are going to stay as they are. I think this line of thinking comes from failing so much in my personal projects.

These projects sometimes seem like my only way out. And when they fail, I feel like I really have nothing after that.