Tarot Card for the Week: XV The Devil

Tarot Card for the Week: XV The Devil


I actually consider the Devil card a good warning card to receive in a reading. It’s a card that speaks to being imprisoned by one’s desires. Above, we see that the mermaid is caged in a cell by a lock that’s actually unlocked upon closer inspection. Yet our mermaid doesn’t try to free herself–she’s far too lost in her desires for the treasure close by.

It’s human to want things; to seek what we don’t have. It’s important though, to not let those wants take over our lives. I am honestly not surprised to see the Devil as the card of the week, as I’ve been nothing but a slave to everything I’ve ever wanted. I am someone who becomes consumed by whatever I want in life and this week I’ve wanted so many things to change and all I’ve done is focused on those wants. I’ve made little progress in terms of what I can change, but this card says is that those changes can be made once I free myself from this self-imposed prison.

The Devil is card that reminds you to watch out for being entangled by anything that you can free yourself from. It’s about being too enchanted by desires, material things–basically anything that sparkles and shines. It’s completely understandable to want what we want, we just can’t let it take over our lives…

Tarot Card of the Week: XX Judgement

Tarot Card of the Week: XX Judgement

I recently acquired the Book of Shadows Tarot: Volume 2 and wanted to try out them out for this week’s card. What I love about these cards is how their art incorporates the magic into the every day. It’s a shame the booklet that accompanies them touches briefly on the meaning of each card. While this is absolutely standard practice, I’m curious for a more thorough description about how the art represents the meaning of each card.

With a clear mind, I drew the following major arcana card: XX The Judgement


The meaning of this card (from the booklet): Receiving and hearing a spiritual message. 

When I silence my turbulent thoughts and focus from the heart, the message I receive is a reminder of authenticity: remain true to one’s authentic self.

With it being the dawn of a new year–heck, a decade, there’s understandably a lot of focus on self-improvement. However, it’s important that when we start fresh, work on our real selves. Too often, I want to improve the face that I show to the outside world, but reading this card and forcing myself to reflect, I can see that I am starting to want the improve my inauthentic self. I’ve got to remain close to the close and not abandon my truth just because it doesn’t match everyone else’s.

I gotta do the real me. You gotta do the real you.

Halloween Tarot Reading: Five of Bats (Reversed)

Halloween Tarot Reading: Five of Bats (Reversed)


I figured now would be the perfect time to whip out my Halloween Tarot deck by Kipling West. This deck is full of inspiration for Halloween–a whirl of colorful and strange characters that suck you into their spooky world. It’s a place full of magic and intrigue.

In terms of a question, I just asked the cards for a general overview card. I didn’t harbor a specific inquiry or have anything in particular that I wanted an answer for. When I have no clear direction–I tend to draw one card.


5 of Bats (Reversed) is the first card for this season. Traditionally–the 5 of Bats (or Swords) means an ending of conflict or a resolution of some kind. Something that you struggling with will be resolved; forgiveness will be granted.

However, the interpretation of the 5 of Bats has its own meaning. Reversed, the 5 of Bats means Empty Victory. Foolish Pride. Weakness. Refusing to accept bullying. 

When I receive readings that are less than stellar–I actually don’t view them in a bad light. I am thankful for the chance to slow down and avoid problems. With a card like this, I interpret it as a caution to take a step back and not allow pride or weakness to lead to an empty victory.

There are so many things I want to accomplish, to “win” at and I’ve absolutely caught myself creating waste from haste. I am grateful for the reminder to just slow down and not allow pride or weakness to get in the way and lead to self-sabotage. It’s so easy for my emotions to take control when there’s something out there that I really want.


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