Spirit Tarot for the Week–XVI The Tower

Spirit Tarot for the Week–XVI The Tower


I have a great love for this tarot cards–a set that I actually picked up a few years back at Spirit Halloween. Sadly, there is no guide for these cards which is a great shame, because I find them to be quite interesting. The art is cohesive–linking all of the cards together yet original. You wouldn’t expect cards that were probably sold for just being Halloween decor to be such a thoughtful set of cards but they are.

For this week I pulled the XVI–The Tower which is unsurprising for me considering how much anger I’ve gathered over the past few weeks, dealing with an upsetting situation. The tower is a card that represents chaos, upheaval, and sudden change. Usually with this card, you would see people falling out of the tower, representing a crappy situation about to happen, danger to watch out for, destruction. However, in this interpretation when have a menacing gargoyle that is full of life, looking down in a stormy evening. Here, we don’t have the burning building.

I interpret this card to be a warning card to not allow chaotic energy to take over. When I have a situation to work through, my emotions can get the best of me sometimes. I take this card as a message to breathe through it and not allow it become something destructive. Be cautious, keep control and focus, and do not let circumstances get out of hand.

I have an odd inclination that despite the frustration of this weekend–next week is going to end strong.

Focusing on Belief instead of Worry

Focusing on Belief instead of Worry

Ahhhhh Pinterest.

I can’t tell you how many times Pinterest has pulled me from a dark mood. I always benefit from the intuitive nature of the app. Meaning, I take value from the pins they suggest, based on what I’ve liked in the past.

So when I boot up the app, a slew of inspiration quotes and affirmations typically splash across my screen. With my uncontrollable nerves, I’ve been focusing more on quotes instead of my usual DIYs and Halloween costume ideas.

I wanted to share one of the pins below that I’ve gathered great healing from:


When nerves strike up, for me it is constantly an experience that I can’t control. I am paralyzed by fear and completely trapped by my own thoughts. There isn’t much energy left. However, there is still a little bit there–even if it’s just a drop.

Whatever is energy that I have left should be used to believe instead of worry.

This is this only part of worrying that can be controlled, consciously choosing to use my scraps of energy for something good. It was a subtle change but this quote was what I really needed. Am I still worried about my problems? Hell yes. But focusing the remaining energy on believing in myself has taken that sharp edge off.

I’m going to make every effort to keep up with this practice. When I catch myself worrying about something, I want to make every conscious effort to try to focus on keeping faith in my abilities.

I don’t know if it will lead to any significant changes but it beats 100% fear and worry.

Elon Musk: Shaping Our Futures

Elon Musk: Shaping Our Futures

I am a big fan of the Biographics channel and would recommend checking out as many of their videos as you can. I’ve always enjoyed the videos from host Simon Whistler, he seems to delight in learning things for the sake of learning as much as I do. Sometimes I feel like the only nerd out there who wants to feed her brain with as much random and interesting knowledge as she can. Simon seems to be the same, which gives me hope that there are others out there.

With the Biographics channel, you’ll find interesting biographies on a variety of eccentric people. Well, anyone who accomplished anything crazy came off eccentric in one way or another, which also gives me hope that it’s ok to be strange and weird.

Circling back to Elon’s video, what I found strange about him was how he doesn’t allow the impossibility of the obstacle to affect him. Well, even if he does, he still sets out to create the future he wants–which I really found inspiring. Every business idea of his was shot down by the haters who said it couldn’t be done. If I was starting a business with a big idea and a slew of people spoke their disapproval, I’d really doubt myself and feel like I was probably making a bad mistake. But not Elon, when people said space travel couldn’t be handled by anyone other than NASA, well, look who got the contract from them to work on building rockets.

I think I connected with his story for many reasons, but one reason was how I often think that my ideas are dumb, even if no one says they are, I just really doubt myself and expect the worst. But Elon still has people who disagree with his vision and he is still bringing it to life. I think all of us can find such great inspiration in that.

Believing in our ideas, visions, and dreams are what help us to create the life we want.