Sunset at Sophie’s Beach House

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Wow, I can’t believe my little sister is only 11. Her maturity and grace far surpass my own, even though I’m several decades older than her. I’m clueless with kids, even around my own little sister, so I always ask her to tell me what she wants for her birthday. She didn’t want anything (she was too cool for gifts) but I insisted that I paint her something.

I’m one of those people who should give up on their art but for some weird reason I keep wanting to paint–even though I suck. I paint pictures for people all the time, even if they don’t want them. So my sister was my next on my list of people to force my ugly paintings on. She asked for a beach painting, so I thought of the cliche beach at sunset for her.

I’m actually really happy with the outcome of this painting. It’s simple and unoriginal, but I love it because it is what it is. I find it calming and pleasant and really love how the sunset turned out.

I hope she likes it 🙂

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