Giving Up on a Creative Project

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These past couple of weeks have been insanely busy.

From a creative perspective, I have really struggled to keep chipping away at my projects. I hate to be such a slow worker, but haste always makes waste whenever I rush my projects.

This entire week, I’ve been tackling boring adulting tasks sometimes up to midnight-only to crash and be up at the crack of dawn.

Rinse and repeat.

I decided to let go of my podcast idea that I had been working on for a few years. I was very sad to let it go, but I just couldn’t bring the project to fruition. I tried over and over, and made countless episodes. But when I listened to my episodes, I always sounded so nervous.

I found it so frustrating, that I would work on a project so many times, but still come off so nervous and unprepared. I’m not sure why I couldn’t calm down, and that’s when the realization came that this probably wasn’t a good idea to continue.

I just keep thinking about all of the time I’ve wasted on it. Time I didn’t have, but carved out to work on it.

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