Struggling to Change

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Man, these weeks really have been a lot about burning the midnight oil. There are so many aspects about my life that I want to change, and I don’t know where to start.

I’m struggling every day to keep my head above water. The problem is that I work so slow, I make my important decisions at such a sluggish pace, and I don’t know how to “figure things out faster.” I have a slew of changes to make but I don’t know which changes to work on during each day. Because every day, I have enough going on without the change aspect part. But if I don’t make something new happen, then everything really does stay the same.

What I’ve found is that time helps me think, work out my solutions. All I really do at this point is to stay up as late as possible, working on as many projects as I can. I hate to overdo it, but this is the only solution that I know. I just wish I could whirl away the brain fog and just have an sense of clarity. It would be amazing to know what I had to do to get myself on a better path.

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