Tarot Card for the Week: The King Of Pentacles

Tarot Card for the Week: The King Of Pentacles


For this week’s tarot card I opened my box of cards from The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake. They are a whimsical, enchanting deck that incorporates witches creating and being magic in their every day lives. I was surprised when I realized that I had’t opened this box because I really delight in the art of these cards and should have busted them awhile ago.

It’s not common for me to draw pentacle cards, probably because I am a poor example of anyone who you’d consider to be practical and organized. There is nuffin Pentacles about me and when I get these cards, I’m usually at a loss for their initial meaning. But that’s the beauty of tarot cards–the variety. It wouldn’t make sense if I immediately connected with every tarot card and didn’t have to look within and make some improvements.

After ruminating on this card for a few hours, a meaning came forward: success and prosperity through diligence, planning, and hard work. Success can seem elusive and I’m the last person to ask about success…however, I can say that I’ve seen an improvement in my ability to accomplish tasks and overcome obstacles by being more diligent, detailed-oriented. Remaining grounded in reality, which I think is something that I’m closer to this week after receiving a warning from the Devil card last week. Being mindful of wants and shiny desires–working on freeing myself from anything holding me back.

The King of Pentacles is merely the next step on the journey, which instructs us to be more grounded, more structured. Success can happen, as well as having a healthy balance of material wants and desires. It just requires us to follow a plan instead of mere wants.

What plan can I follow in order to be closer to success?

Tarot Card for the Week: XV The Devil

Tarot Card for the Week: XV The Devil


I actually consider the Devil card a good warning card to receive in a reading. It’s a card that speaks to being imprisoned by one’s desires. Above, we see that the mermaid is caged in a cell by a lock that’s actually unlocked upon closer inspection. Yet our mermaid doesn’t try to free herself–she’s far too lost in her desires for the treasure close by.

It’s human to want things; to seek what we don’t have. It’s important though, to not let those wants take over our lives. I am honestly not surprised to see the Devil as the card of the week, as I’ve been nothing but a slave to everything I’ve ever wanted. I am someone who becomes consumed by whatever I want in life and this week I’ve wanted so many things to change and all I’ve done is focused on those wants. I’ve made little progress in terms of what I can change, but this card says is that those changes can be made once I free myself from this self-imposed prison.

The Devil is card that reminds you to watch out for being entangled by anything that you can free yourself from. It’s about being too enchanted by desires, material things–basically anything that sparkles and shines. It’s completely understandable to want what we want, we just can’t let it take over our lives…

Tarot Card of the Week: King of Cups

Tarot Card of the Week: King of Cups

Happy Sunday to you all ❤


For this week’s tarot card, I shuffled The Mermaid Tarot by Leeza Robertson (illust–Julie Dillon). As a Pisces, I am drawn to all things water and mermaid. I love the depth how each card seems to tell its own story. This tarot deck felt like a logical extension for what my natural energy resonates with.

I ended up pulling an interesting card–The King of Cups. My heart stopped for moment when I read “of Cups” because the Queen of Cups is the card that I connect most to in a tarot deck.

The King of Cups is a strong card for emotions. A snippet from the official guide to the Mermaid Tarot states, “It is time to put your ego aside, clear your emotional attachments and make clear, honest, heart-based decisions about the direction your life now takes.”

The King of Cups invokes a sense of calm and control of all feelings–a card that represents a proficiency of all emotions. I can definitely feel my emotions simmering down and a raw sense of honesty overtaking me. With honesty reduces the need for me to lie or puff up my emotions. The ego can be absolutely destructive and can cause a lot of pride and self worth to become entangled within it. Breaking from the ego requires a lot of emotional control for when those negative feelings are triggered. My ego can definitely get in the way of my inner peace–but meditating on a card like the King of Cups makes it easier to do so. With emotional control comes the ability to break from the things that don’t serve you.

Tarot Card of the Week: XX Judgement

Tarot Card of the Week: XX Judgement

I recently acquired the Book of Shadows Tarot: Volume 2 and wanted to try out them out for this week’s card. What I love about these cards is how their art incorporates the magic into the every day. It’s a shame the booklet that accompanies them touches briefly on the meaning of each card. While this is absolutely standard practice, I’m curious for a more thorough description about how the art represents the meaning of each card.

With a clear mind, I drew the following major arcana card: XX The Judgement


The meaning of this card (from the booklet): Receiving and hearing a spiritual message. 

When I silence my turbulent thoughts and focus from the heart, the message I receive is a reminder of authenticity: remain true to one’s authentic self.

With it being the dawn of a new year–heck, a decade, there’s understandably a lot of focus on self-improvement. However, it’s important that when we start fresh, work on our real selves. Too often, I want to improve the face that I show to the outside world, but reading this card and forcing myself to reflect, I can see that I am starting to want the improve my inauthentic self. I’ve got to remain close to the close and not abandon my truth just because it doesn’t match everyone else’s.

I gotta do the real me. You gotta do the real you.

Focus for 2020: One Day at a Time

Focus for 2020: One Day at a Time

Happy Happy New Years!

I wish you all an amazing 2020 full of success, happiness, and healing. There needs to be more of that stuff this year…

2019 was quite the challenge because of so many big changes that occurred in my life–but there was more growth and progress towards where I needed to be in life. I never like to admit how much I am a slave to comfort; it usually requires a change in circumstance to push me forward.

I won’t lie–most times I want to hide under a rock instead of facing whatever challenge is looming over me. But I made it through every tough test that fell across my path last year. Every hard task that I faced got crossed off the list and I wanted to run from all of them. Most times, I couldn’t shake the anxiety. But I feel very proud of myself for making it through the year, despite feeling nervous absolutely every day. Everything scared me, everything was a lot–nothing came easy.

I’ve come to realize that I’ll never unlock the secret to courage. I’ll always have to find a way through it. Every trick, quote, tip I tried never worked–never made me feel less nervous. Perhaps it was wrong of me to assume that there was something out there to find.

Even though I lack any answers, one thing I do want for 2020 is not to spend so much time worrying about things to come. I worry about what I have to do weeks and months ahead. I worry that I can’t make it through the things I have to do. I dwell over and over about everything I can worry about it.

For 2020…all I want is to focus on today, I only want today in my mind.

I do have resolutions and things I want to achieve for this year, but more than anything else, I want to keep my mind on today. I don’t want to worry about everything that hasn’t come to pass yet. I want to figure it out now since I worry that I can’t work it out then. But worrying about future drains all of the energy from this moment. It’s nearly impossible for me to remain in the current moment without drifting off into a possible future.

One day at a time–without a worry about any other time but today. It feels nearly impossible but that’s what I plan to focus on for 2020. I would like to look back and not think about the times worrying but the actual times…

Spirit Tarot for the Week–XVI The Tower

Spirit Tarot for the Week–XVI The Tower


I have a great love for this tarot cards–a set that I actually picked up a few years back at Spirit Halloween. Sadly, there is no guide for these cards which is a great shame, because I find them to be quite interesting. The art is cohesive–linking all of the cards together yet original. You wouldn’t expect cards that were probably sold for just being Halloween decor to be such a thoughtful set of cards but they are.

For this week I pulled the XVI–The Tower which is unsurprising for me considering how much anger I’ve gathered over the past few weeks, dealing with an upsetting situation. The tower is a card that represents chaos, upheaval, and sudden change. Usually with this card, you would see people falling out of the tower, representing a crappy situation about to happen, danger to watch out for, destruction. However, in this interpretation when have a menacing gargoyle that is full of life, looking down in a stormy evening. Here, we don’t have the burning building.

I interpret this card to be a warning card to not allow chaotic energy to take over. When I have a situation to work through, my emotions can get the best of me sometimes. I take this card as a message to breathe through it and not allow it become something destructive. Be cautious, keep control and focus, and do not let circumstances get out of hand.

I have an odd inclination that despite the frustration of this weekend–next week is going to end strong.

Fighting Back

Fighting Back

The more time you spend around me, you might begin to wonder if I have an angry side. I don’t really show it to the outside world because I think that there’s enough negativity and I try not to add to it if I can. But I’m only human, and sometimes I have to say no to sticking my head in the sand.

I’ve had a situation in my life where people aren’t listening–people just don’t give a fuck. It’s tough sometimes because when people don’t care (or give the appearance that they don’t) it feels like you are being shamed for standing up for yourself. Others don’t want you to rock the boat because that would mean that they have to do something about it and the only thing they want to do is sit on their phone and waste away. But at the same time, I didn’t ask to be in this situation and I’m doing everything in my power to put an end to it.

Sometimes, it feels like people don’t want you to fight back. I’m sure I feel this way in part because of my perspective, but man, it really does feel like this sometimes. I don’t want to be pushed aside because I’m standing up for myself. No one knows how hard it is for me to stand up for myself, and it makes me really mad when I gather all of this courage and am shamed for it.