Tao Te Ching–Fourteenth Tao

Tao Te Ching–Fourteenth Tao


Look, it cannot be seen–it is beyond form.

Listen, it cannot be heard–it is beyond sound.

Grasp, it cannot be held–it is intangible.

These three are indefinable;

Therefore they are joined in one.


From above it is not bright;

From below it is not dark:

An unbroken thread beyond description.

It returns to nothingness.

The form of the formless,

The image of the imageless,

It is called indefinable and beyond imagination. 


Stand before it and there is no beginning.

Follow it and there is no end.

Stay with the ancient Tao,

Move with the present.


Knowing the ancient beginning is the essence of Tao.


Tarot Card of the Week: Six of Cups

Tarot Card of the Week: Six of Cups


Happy Sunday! I am using my classic Rider-Waite tarot deck for this week’s card–my very first deck of tarot cards. This deck really means a lot to me because for a long time, I didn’t want to share my love of tarot cards with anyone. These are more than ordinary cards to me rather, they represent my start towards living a more authentic life.

The six of cups can represent being around children in your life, harmonious relationships, your personal childhood memories or approaching life with childlike qualities. Now that I’ve begun reading the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu, I can see the benefit of viewing life through the eyes as a child.

The Tao Te Ching really speaks about non-attachment, not holding onto desire, things, or wants. As a child, I used to be possessive about stuff but I was never possessive about my life or thoughts. I just wanted to hold onto my stuffed animals but now I hold onto every thought. Remaining innocent, detached, and undefined are qualities to hold onto (even though the days can be tough and chaotic). Even though we want to control and shape everything that comes along our paths as adults, that may not always be the way to fulfillment.

The six of cups asks us to remind ourselves about the ways of the past–how we used to be as children. Though we didn’t have any control back then, we probably had less judgement and hesitation than we do now. While there is nothing wrong with caution or consideration, we don’t need these qualities to consume our entire lives.

I wish I had a lot of the traits that I used to keep as a kid: I never overthought anything back then, I just did life. In some ways, I think that I achieved and lived more, because I wasn’t a slave to the plan or my own beliefs. I think this was one of my best qualities from the past–the ability to do without thinking.

What trait from my past needs be brought to my present?


Tao Te Ching–Ninth Tao

Tao Te Ching–Ninth Tao

I’m one of those people that simply can’t be around books. The moment that I near them, there’s a 99.5% chance that I’m gonna buy something. So my trick now is to shop at Goodwill, so that I only spend a few dollars and still get to take home a new book. ^______^

I was super stoked to find a slender copy of Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching. I have a fancy, annotated version that I usually don’t pick up (wow I sound super lazy haha) because it feels like a heavy coffee book but this version is easy to grab and flip through. I wanted to share the Taos with you; there is so much profound wisdom that drips within each verse.

Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it lacks depth.

It was tough to pick one, but I figured I would randomly pick one (since I’m not a fan of order or consistency) to share:


Better stop short than fill to the brim.

Oversharpen the blade, and the edge will soon blunt.

Amass a store of gold and jade, and no one can protect it.

Claim wealth and titles, and disaster will follow.

Retire when the work is done.

This is the way of heaven. 

It’s a warning of excess, overdoing it–which is a hard lesson I have endured time and time again. I thought the ninth Tao pared nicely with this week’s Tarot Card, The Queen of Pentacles.

A reminder of temperance–not overdoing anything to the point when you can’t do anything. I’ve been making every effort to take this to heart. Just this week, I started to donate/sell collectibles that have become nothing but junk. I love them, I want them, but the truth is, I simply have too much of them. I can’t enjoy any hobby because I have too many things around.

Living in a capitalist society, we will always be primed to want more, but it takes a real conscious effort to slow down, get off autopilot, and just realize that there isn’t time for it all.

Tarot Card of the Week: Queen of Pentacles

Tarot Card of the Week: Queen of Pentacles


Just a few weeks ago, we received the King of Pentacles for our weekly tarot–now it’s the Queen’s turn. A card that represents prosperity, practicality, I really can’t shake these Pentacle cards. All I want is to slip into the imaginary, ungrounded–but the grounded, Earthy cards have been the ones that have shown up these past couple of weeks.

A line that stands out to me from the guide states, “Remember that prosperity doesn’t have to mean money.” I know that I have a long way to go to every acquire financial wealth but I’m ok with that, I am person that does value other things above money:

Health, true friends, inner peace, creative expression are a few things that mean so much to me–much more than money. Having a safe place to sleep and clean water, freedom, these are the things that I want to protect in life.

This card is a reminder of the wealth that we have that may not necessarily be financial, but ground us all the same. Abundance sound us in many forms, especially when we keep our minds open to and flexible to the many kinds of wealth out there. Having a good friend to vent to is something to treasure, maintaining inner calmness when the world is chaotic and others are cruel is worth a lot.

What non-material abundance surrounds me?


Tarot Card of the Week: VIII The Chrone


The Chrone replaces Strength in the Green Witch Tarot Companion. This is a wonderful card that represents inner strength–trusting in yourself as a source of true power and fortitude.

A thoughtful passage from the guidebook that accompanies the cards: “This is a card of power and energy, encouraging self-confidence and conviction of one’s own ability to take control of a situation and bring it to a favorable resolution.”

It’s important to remember that we do have good ideas and wisdom within us and that we can guide ourselves to better times and circumstances. We just have to trust ourselves enough to believe in what we have within us.

I know this all too well as I never feel confident in my own advice–always believing that someone else out there has answer. I can’t possibly lead myself out of this situation since I barely can gather how I got here to begin with.

The Chrone is card that represents taking control in your life, taking back the reigns and looking to yourself to be your source of guidance.

How can I take back control?

Tarot Card for the Week: The King Of Pentacles

Tarot Card for the Week: The King Of Pentacles


For this week’s tarot card I opened my box of cards from The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake. They are a whimsical, enchanting deck that incorporates witches creating and being magic in their every day lives. I was surprised when I realized that I had’t opened this box because I really delight in the art of these cards and should have busted them awhile ago.

It’s not common for me to draw pentacle cards, probably because I am a poor example of anyone who you’d consider to be practical and organized. There is nuffin Pentacles about me and when I get these cards, I’m usually at a loss for their initial meaning. But that’s the beauty of tarot cards–the variety. It wouldn’t make sense if I immediately connected with every tarot card and didn’t have to look within and make some improvements.

After ruminating on this card for a few hours, a meaning came forward: success and prosperity through diligence, planning, and hard work. Success can seem elusive and I’m the last person to ask about success…however, I can say that I’ve seen an improvement in my ability to accomplish tasks and overcome obstacles by being more diligent, detailed-oriented. Remaining grounded in reality, which I think is something that I’m closer to this week after receiving a warning from the Devil card last week. Being mindful of wants and shiny desires–working on freeing myself from anything holding me back.

The King of Pentacles is merely the next step on the journey, which instructs us to be more grounded, more structured. Success can happen, as well as having a healthy balance of material wants and desires. It just requires us to follow a plan instead of mere wants.

What plan can I follow in order to be closer to success?

Tarot Card for the Week: XV The Devil

Tarot Card for the Week: XV The Devil


I actually consider the Devil card a good warning card to receive in a reading. It’s a card that speaks to being imprisoned by one’s desires. Above, we see that the mermaid is caged in a cell by a lock that’s actually unlocked upon closer inspection. Yet our mermaid doesn’t try to free herself–she’s far too lost in her desires for the treasure close by.

It’s human to want things; to seek what we don’t have. It’s important though, to not let those wants take over our lives. I am honestly not surprised to see the Devil as the card of the week, as I’ve been nothing but a slave to everything I’ve ever wanted. I am someone who becomes consumed by whatever I want in life and this week I’ve wanted so many things to change and all I’ve done is focused on those wants. I’ve made little progress in terms of what I can change, but this card says is that those changes can be made once I free myself from this self-imposed prison.

The Devil is card that reminds you to watch out for being entangled by anything that you can free yourself from. It’s about being too enchanted by desires, material things–basically anything that sparkles and shines. It’s completely understandable to want what we want, we just can’t let it take over our lives…